Thursday, 14 August 2014

All About Rose

Hello pals I'm back from long hiatus, plus I'm currently on my final week soo... that explains it.
On 21st June, my lecturer, Sir Rio Damar brought us together to Dorothy Perkins's new and limited collection, All About Rose. This collection is very limited and was inspired by English Rose. The collection is very feminine, have detailed structure and also sweet digital rose print.

To be honest the collection's not my cup of tea, but overall Dorothy Perkins have succeeded in interpreting the British's love of roses. The collection ranges from midi skirts, spaghetti-strap top, maxi dresses to shorts. These pieces are very wearable and can be matched with many things such as bolero jackets or even parka jackets to add the military vibe to the collection.

This collection is limited, in Indonesia, there are only 2 stores where this collection is available, Central Park store and Pondok Indah Mall store. So I'm not very sure whether they're still available right now because I'm sure it sells fast.

So these are the photos to summarize the fun part of coming to the store!

 photo IMG_6813_zpse5521a31.jpg
  photo IMG_6828_zps4e78ff85.jpg
 photo IMG_6794_zpsb8d104d0.jpg
 photo IMG_6795_zps512596ac.jpg
 photo IMG_6824_zps1b8feb66.jpg
 photo IMG_6806_zps11afe2db.jpg
 photo IMG_6826_zpsec245b34.jpg

So that's all for today, thankyou Sir Rio and Dorothy Perkins team! Congratulations on the limited collection :)

Thursday, 12 June 2014


Back again with few words and new portfolio to share with you people, I'm quite busy these days doing this and that, trying to work hard to plain reach my dreams in this industry and it's never easy. I've had some breakdowns and rage about stuffs and I'm so learning on how to handle this. I'm sure everyone that I consider as "Big" or "Influential" in the field had the same thing back then. So I don't really care about the annoyance and trying to focus on the goal itself.

Lately, my mind is quite bored with people talking about the elections. I'm into these things as well, because I believe that good citizen always participates. Honestly talking this year's election is very different from years before, which is why people are so looking forward to it. There are only 2 candidates as you're so aware. So  I understand the impact of people trying so hard to support one of them since it's a very tight competition between the 2 candidates. And of course each has their own very characteristics to be talked about.
Since many people are so eager about supporting one of them, others are busy mocking or insulting the other. Some people are trying so hard to be neutral and some of them are fighting for what they believe in. Whichever you are, I believe that democracy is what makes us whole. If you are Indonesians, you're molded to be aware of differences. Though black campaigns and insults aren't wise, I believe they have reasons for their doings and some people need to learn on how to appreciate and respect everyone, including those whose whole hearted support had turned wrong. Besides, those black campaigns turned out to be funny so just consider it as a good humor (I do lol). I support one of them and not planning to skip election, I also search for the flaws of the candidates and so aware of them, because if we want to have a good leader, we must know how they act in daily basis, what they have done and the qualities to glorify our nation. How the hell people can say that they don't care about who's going to be the president? Of course you must.. If so, whoever including bad guys can say "I would love to be a president, vote me, I'll give you money" can be a leader. Not wise.

In my opinion, you can't ever shut people out, you can't close their mouths and their thoughts. Just stick to your own belief and if your choice doesn't win, then so what? You're not going to turn into a rich person just because he wins or not, the same as when they do black campaigns or mocking your choice, because it's always between them and their God not between you and them.  Because in the end, smart people know and see things differently, but whatever people say, they'll stick to their hearts. Smart people, don't believe in words but believe in plain action.
I believe solely on the humbleness of a leader. Because good hearted leader can be seen even when he's not bragging about what he can do. The kind of leader you want to be :) Be sure to open your eyes for not everyone can see the differences.

In the end, I don't freaking care who you choose because it's never between me and you :) I just care about our country getting in the control of wrong hands. And I just care about what I can do as a younger generation to make our country better. And it's not including me intruding the excitement of the election, and neither you.

So vote wisely! I know you will :)

I also have some new portfolio for you to see, because I haven't had the chance to do this for so longgggg and I quite miss taking pictures terribly!! Slowly I think I know what I want to do later and starting to develop some portfolio. I love doing these kind of things with my close friends because I believe good friends grow together. Ah, I just adore working with young but talented people.

 photo 1q_zps04a70196.jpg
 photo 1_zps4de5d42a.jpg
 photo 2_zps0418ad2d.jpg

Photographer: Florencia Owen Irena & Farah Shafia
Stylist: Irfani Jelita
Adri Pradipta
Putri Indam Kamila
Roman Kusumo

Monday, 2 June 2014

I think we're all drenched in the wrong idea of respect. We're born to think that respect is all about obeying orders, always agreeing and to accept everything including all the bad things that happened to us. Don't think so, I believe respect is all about knowing that differences can make us whole without sweating anything in the first place. If you ever think that respecting people is only about saying yes and okay to everything, you don't respect yourself. If people want respect so badly, they should've not behave so badly (Which is the lack of respect they give you). You can't just say the glorious R word everywhere without practicing it in the first place.

I don't know, nobody knows, maybe there's something wrong in the way we're raised.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Shabby Shuesday

 photo DSC_0721_zps780b1219.jpg
 photo DSC_0706_zps9c9537c4.jpg
 photo DSC_0714_zps67a13456.jpg
 photo DSC_0716_zps59650664.jpg

(Black top- SMITTEN ; Mom's midi skirt ; Dr Martens Brown Boots ; Satchel from Jogja)

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

One Fair Day

I'm on holiday! Yes, that means I have more time to spend on Q-time. Either with myself or my closest friends. Though I just came back from Thailand with friends, I miss spending alone time with myself as I usually do. So today I went to Grand Indonesia to refresh and wander around my favorite shops, then I just watched Spiderman accompanied by my waffle. Lol.

Speaking of which, Grand Indonesia has always been one of my favorite malls to date, though so many new malls are piling up, with different concepts whatsoever truthfully since Grand Indonesia is located in a very strategic location, and the brands available ranging from food and beverages to fashion brands (which I'm gonna explain later on) makes it one of the best available here. I enjoy my time here as much as everyone does.

Since I do have this thing for fashion, it's gonna be fair to say that I love. Shopping. Oh God do I love shopping. And what makes Grand Indonesia a Fashion Heaven to all of us is the complete brands available for different markets. Ranging from kids, teens, young adults like me, until adults. Middle class income, high income, what have you.

So in my opinion, it's gonna be one exciting and fun shopping experience to you guys no matter what age what gender and what taste you might have, because you're gonna find everything here. My personal taste would be a brand that has its own characters, style and vision, but still has the essence of a trend, compiled into beautifully sewn creations in their collection. So here goes my favorite brands list:

1. Topshop / Topman 

Topshop is one of my favorites because of the identity of young suburbs kids in London, which I RAVE FOR. But not only for the Brits, but also for the whole world. That's why people my age everywhere love this brand (especially on sale). For the sake of looking effortlessly good in a simple and modest way.
And oh, Kate Moss fans around the globe will get to see her collection for Topshop! Excited much?

(too bad Topshop is on renovation when I came, so here are some of my favorite collection from the season)

  photo b_zps75cf5c76.jpg

2. Forever 21

The brand itself is not something new to the young adult market. What I like about this brand is the complete (I mean, really complete) collection for anyone with different styles. And their affordable price too.

  photo DSC_0627_zpsa8f8a604.jpg
  photo DSC_0621_zpsc6ef94f3.jpg
  photo DSC_0622_zpse7d86aa3.jpg

3. (X).S.M.L

For those who are not Indonesians, they might think that this is an international brand, but the truth it is one of the best local brands ever made for its creative and out-of-the-box concept. Some might think few pieces are not wearable, some might favor it, I just love how Indonesian made can compete with international brands.

  photo DSC_0628_zpscb2dedd7.jpg
 photo DSC_0629_zpse4d30b19.jpg
 photo DSC_0632_zps39a213d8.jpg

4. Pull & Bear

Another one brand that's very consistent in terms of brand identity. Pull & Bear offers casual wear but very edgy for young adults, and their style concept is also very simple but still eye-catching.

 photo DSC_0635_zps31bf7716.jpg
 photo pullbear_zps59c5180e.jpg

Though I mention these 4 brands, doesn't mean that the others are not good enough. I just think that these brands have the qualities that can make them the stars of the mall. Rated in terms of price, collection, and the promotions available to attract their market.

See you later in the next post!

Friday, 28 March 2014


 photo DSC_0383_zps8c2cb68d.jpg
 photo DSC_0339_zps00eeb755.jpg
 photo DSC_0340_zps681d7f82.jpg
 photo DSC_0338_zps3f37af60.jpg
 photo DSC_0346_zpsdf4cde0f.jpg

You seriously need to try these Tres Leches cakes by Dyndesserts. They melt in your mouth and have just the right amount of sweetness (remembering that I'm not a very sweet tooth myself). My personal favorite would be the green tea one, so make sure that you guys try that. For those caffeine-addict out there, I assure that cappucino would suit you just fine, just consume these babies with your tea in the afternoon. Or for that night-hunger rescue, pair it with some vanilla cookies & cream ice cream!! 

Contact Dyndesserts now for immediate nomness!
Whatsapp: +628812382366
Line: dyndesserts
BBM: 74234FA
Instagram: dyndesserts
 photo DSC_0352_zpsbe55698b.jpg
 photo DSC_0361_zpsb5dd2f09.jpg

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Wind Rises

GUYS I've abandoned this blog for so long I might as well not be the owner anymore hahaha blame this whole college-life situation (which I actually really enjoy despite the consequences of going home late). I just got home from a field trip, but more of a window-shopping trip since it's not even serious at all :D Like we went to Senayan City and wandered around the shops which was quite terrible as I can't spend too much money to save up some for my upcoming trip. I CAN'T WAIT. Will definitely tell you guys more about it soonest! God, I hope everything will go smoothly as planned.

Sinceeeeeeee life is pretty busy at the moment, I'd just share to you all what I've been up to, what I'm dealing with and basically what's going on in my life these days.
So first of all I'm on my second semester and so far going well, just normal dizziness and bad time management and everything, you know it. I've had many good friends that I'm pretty comfortable with and trying to adjust my social awkwardness level with everyone lol. So you can assume that college life is not a problem for me but the problem is maybe on the thought of where I will go next after this? I don't know since I'm not the most ambitious type, I'll just let everything slide where they may, you know. Because my job here is not to know what'll happen next but just to live it while I can. Life can be so beautiful, I've learnt. I'm not going to be naive, I know how cruel people can be sometimes and just because I've seen so many mean people in my life, doesn't mean that I should turn to become one too. I just chose to be me anytime and I find pleasure in doing so.

You probably wouldn't care but you should know the first and foremost rule in this life, that whatever you give, you'll definitely get the same. And it keeps on happening to me everytime. So yeah.

By the way, I really need to sharpen my skills in styling and photography, so lacking of portfolio due to the busy days *sad* will be doing some serious projects soon though, I hope.

Maybe that's all for this time, I hope I'll see you guys again soonest :D
  photo DSC_0319_zpsc39ff7f9.jpg
 photo DSC_0317_zps871ecd10.jpg
 photo DSC_0320_zps4718e0ba.jpg
 photo DSC_0322_zps5dbc39fe.jpg
 photo DSC_0325_zpscfaabc21.jpg
Parka Jacket; A gift from my college mates / White Tee; Uniqlo / Leather Baggy Pants; ONEANDAHALF / Tan Satchel; Jogja / Gladiators; ASOS